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Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Rogerian Therapy

Also known as Person-Centered therapy, is a warm empathic form of humanistic psychology. This therapy encourages the client to focus on the now with their subjective thoughts. Realizing and believing what you are experiencing builds your self-actualization. Your self-actualization is from your self-healing. You are organized in a consistent perception of your value with the "I" relationship. In short, the "I" relationship is a complete warm, loving, and accepting understanding of your self.

Cliff Hiking

Gestalt Therapy

This humanistic psychology practice translates to "The Whole Self." The whole self is created by having complete awareness of body and mind in the present now. Therapy is performed by bringing past, future, or dreams to the now. Experiencing emotions, events, and thoughts in the now will help clients practice to be more aware of their present self. When coming in contact with what gives them mental/physical pain, they will be able to overcome it. Different techniques like self-dialogue, chair-to-chair, dreamwork, or bodywork are ways to experience the now to achieve complete wholeness.

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In this therapy, clients will understand their awareness of how they view the world and the decisions they made. Clients will face their responsibilities and the freedom that shapes life around them. Responsibilities and freedom are accomplished by searching for the meaning, purpose, and value of life. Doing this establishes meaningful relationships and values. Different types of humanistic psychology techniques will be incorporated into existentialism.

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